Actors : Issac Jones and Troy Haydon
Studio : UK Hot Jocks
Categories : Beard, Bodyhair, Cumshot, Deep-Throat, Rimming, Rubber, Sneaker, Sucking, Tattoo
Description : On a 21st century deserted city backdrop, Troy and Issac are impeccably dressed in sharp suits. Issac carries what appears to be a very important briefcase, they are on a job and there is tension in the air. Issac tells Troy to carry on without him, as he thinks they've been followed. Troy explains that "Boss told them not to split up." Issac firmly interrupts him "And I said GO!" They separate, Issac making his way to the tram platform. A mysterious, anonymous stranger steps out of a carriage carrying an identical case, stopping to tie his shoelace he places his case down. Swiftly, Issac swaps the cases and hurries onwards. Reconvening at the roadside, they take a look around suspiciously before hopping into a car sent for them. Speeding off into the distance, the job is done. They arrive back at their hotel, safe and sound. Troy is new to this line of work and says he hopes it's not like that every day. They flop down on to the couch in their suite. Issac tells him "it's all part of the job." "Certainly gets the blood pumping!" Troy grabs his crotch, clearly the endorphins are still rushing through him. Issac likes where this is going. They kiss and begin to strip one another. They may as well get good use of the plush room the boss has laid on for them! Making their way to the bed, they get comfortable, then they get filthy. Maneuvering into a hot, slurpy sixty-nine, they go to town on each others dicks, sucking for all their worth. Troy moves into position to take Issac's massive meat, these guys have a hot chemistry, sexy tattoos and a ravenous sexual appetite. Troy bottoms like a pro, letting Issac hammer his fuck-hole for all he can take it. Both guys cream over Troy, Issac shooting a massively powerful load. All part of the job...
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