Actors : Flex and Diego and Wagner and Tim (Update)
Studio : Timtales
Categories : Assfucking, Oral Sex ,Anal Sex, Cum, Muscles, Bodybuilders
And here it is, as a Bonus Update. After the official videoshoot the boys wanted to relax a bit in the jacuzzi and of course when they noticed Tim´s rockhard cock, they could not resist to play a bit with it. The playing got really intense after some moments and it ended up in a nice jacuzzi orgy.
Tim had a tiny pocket camera in his hand and the boys actually thought in the beginning it was just taking snapshots. But that little technical wonder records crystal clear HD video. And you can enjoy our behind the scenes orgy now. It´s more like a private video, but the boys agreed to share it with you.
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WONDERFUL AFTERNOON IN MADRID#Flex and Diego and Wagner (& Tim)