Actors : Shawn Wolfe & Adam Ramzi
Categories : Anal, Bodybuilder, GroupSex, Orgies, Hairy, Jocks, Athletic, jockstraps
Description : The audience cheers for #Teamshawn (Wolfe) and #Teamadam (Ramzi) as the men circle each other warily on the mat, Shawn in the black jock strap, Adam in the white. Adam ducks the initial lunge to get a better grasp on Shawn’s wiry torso. Round #1 is oral, with Shawn scoring first kiss and Adam scoring first hot suck. Shawn fucks Adam’s face until he gasps, then lays Adam out on the mat, sucking his cock and twisting the nipples on his lean and furry chest. Shawn’s mouth feels so good, Adam lets him have his way, which includes rolling Adam over and nose diving into the moist crack of his tight ass. Round #2 begins with verbal taunts and Shawn in a back arch, ready to show Adam how a power bottom handles penetration. The walls of Shawn’s hole grip Adam’s cock as Adam power slams him. Switch to stand-up as Adam presses the hip heist, now with sweat matting the dark hairs of his sexy chest. With a final gasp, Adam slaps Shawn’s face and delivers a tsunami of jism that they both lick up while Shawn jacks his load into the mat. Who wins your vote for best sexual stud in Match 2 ?
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COCK FIGHT!1#Shawn Wolfe & Landon Conrad
COCK FIGHT!3#Landon Conrad & Adam Ramzi
COCK FIGHT!ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN#Shawn Wolfe,Landon Conrad & Adam Ramzi